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• 5/23/2017

Why i cannot more watch Ads to get more key?

Before that I can watch it normal.
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• 5/24/2017
Wow thought it was just me. I also can not watch ads to get keys anymore. Either glitch or desinged to stop giving out keys to force you to spend money.

Just tested it today. Ads work again. Seems like there's a limit to how many ads you can watch a day.
• 5/24/2017
Yea theres a limit
• 12/5/2017
Nemyslim se su limity do nedavna som pozeral reklamy po kazdom suboji a v posleene dninmy nespusti ani jednu za den vazne uvazujem nad tym ze prestanem to hrat aj ied je to dobra hra ale minat tolko diamantov len kvoli klucom sa neoplati
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