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Join here active members plz.....

Join "Taurus Strong"....if you wanna live.... LMFAO

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• 12/26/2018
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• 11/18/2018
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• 6/6/2018

Question aboht old gladiators

A question here: I still have my first galdiators, which are now too weak to fight the arenas. They are in rank 3, level 6 or 7 (all 4 or 5 stars). In the other hand, i'm getting newer rank 4 gladiators, better than the olders. What should i do? Evolve the olders or sell them and buy newer rank 4?
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• 1/11/2018

How to get past level 99?

I am at level 99 on the world map but I can’t level up my caravan and I don’t know how to unlock more levels. Can anyone give me any tips on this?
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• 11/30/2017

Not happy about level gladiators after training ! All lost !

Hi team GH, I’m not happy about level gladiators after training ! All lost ! I paid a lot to get red diamonds from AppStore to make quickly high level gladiators after training but all lost and i lost money too ! So please give me back the money, see the proof, can you help me please
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• 11/26/2017

Cheats & Bugs

Well I try to contact with the server and no answer, or if I get one then it’s not the one I looking for!!!! I got to the point when I need to atack weaker players to win, and still lose every single time!! And no one looking in to it! Asked multiple time and its 3 day’s now no response!” I that what if I pay for the game!!” Well didn’t work out!!! Money gone have a couple strong weapons, but still cant get ahead!!! So no need to put effort in to the game!! Im lvl 31 with 2230 fame and power of 4000+ and this is the time im quitting this game! Good luck people!!
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• 11/12/2017

Lost all training points

I lost all my heroes training points out of nowhere. I had 9 rank 2 heroes ranging from level 1 to 10 with all their training maxed out. I left my game for more or less 2 hours and boom their training points are all gone! Is anyone experiencing this? Or is this part of the game?
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• 9/30/2017

Stuck in bilding progres

Im stuck becose i dont have more stones . Every bilding want stones to upgrade. Im on level 15 .The next level give me stone mine but i cant upgrade the headqarters becose i dont have stone
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• 7/11/2017


How do i get my gladiators healed, before i get invited to the glory thing?
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• 6/30/2017


Estimados alguien sabe como seleccionar los heroes que desea y no sea algo aleatorio?
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• 6/30/2017

Erase game progress

I want to start the game from the beginning, how to erase my all game progress?
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• 6/17/2017

Stack skill

Hi all
can anyone tell pls does the Fear, Regeneration skill stack with number of gladiators?
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• 6/16/2017

Problema no Mapa Gladiator Heroes

Estou com mapa do Gladiator Heroes bugado na arena 77. No entanto minha Caravana já está no lvl máximo. E eu já conclui todas as arenas em todos os níveis até arena 77.
Estou no Nível 33 de XP da vila e QG 13
Preciso que atualizem ou me ajudem
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• 6/11/2017

How to get an helmet at Rk4?

Hey Guys,
I ve been hitting rk4 with 3 gladias but i can t drop any helmet so far and i m RK4 lvl 7 , does anyone have any answer please :)?
thanks from Zion!
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• 6/9/2017

Imbalance Resources?

Does anyone know to deal with imbalance resources? like you have 0 woods but full of stones and irons, even additional chests are stones and irons
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• 5/31/2017

Forge Stone

I have several Forge stone in the Forge.
What can i do with them?
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• 5/26/2017

What are tactical points?

One of the passive traits you can gain is tactics master and it says "gain +5 addition tactical points after fights"

So what exactly are tactical points and does it help you in fights at all?

This game is good, but the FAQ section is garbage. Well I guess the information provided in game is weak
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• 5/23/2017

Why i cannot more watch Ads to get more key?

Before that I can watch it normal.
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• 5/20/2017

Arena matchmaking

How does the matchmaking work? Will there be a separate arena rank pointsystem? As it is now you climb the ranks without fighting in the arena as you get points when you grind, and the more you grind the higher the ranks in the arena. But when trying to find a opponent to fight they are allways way better about 200 power higher than your best gladiator.
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